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Dr.Bronson just returned from lecturing at the AAPMD in New York City. The conference was on Airway Focused Healthcare. The ALF and its therapy on increasing airway patency and helping in decreasing tonsil and adenoid size was very well received. For more information check out our published articles in our articles section!


We have revamped and updated our website! Feel free to browse and leave any comments.


  • An exciting News interview with Dr. Naomi Hillel on ALF orthodontics: click here
  • Dr. James Bronson DDS will be presenting at the AAPMD on Mar 27-29, 2015 in NYC, this meeting is open to the public as well. For information click here,
  • Drs. James Bronson DDS, Alex Bronson DMD, and Cathy Holway PT, DPT have been published in the Oral Health journal March 2015 edition, "The Advaned Light Force (ALF) Appliance"
  • Drs. James and Alex Bronson published an article in the International Journal of Orthodontics in the Spring 2014 edition

Children's Sleep Apnea and Myofunctional Therapy

Parents, there is some great research coming out of the Sleep Medicine Division of Stanford University about Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea. Strong research from Dr. Guilleminault at Stanford, the leading physician researcher on pediatric sleep apnea is showing that oral-facial growth is a critical component of treating sleep apnea. For more information, please read the study in our "Articles" section of the website.

April and May Specials!

For April and May the office is offering a take home whitening kit from Tres White for 75% off. Check out the website or come into the office to ask about the whitening!

Early Childhood Caries

A study published in "Oral Health" found that young children between the ages of 13 and 18 months that took systemic antibiotics demonstrated a considerable increase in the risk  of early childhood caries compared to children that did not take medication.
Tooth decay can start as early as 6 months of age, we feel that all children should have a dental evaluation before their first birthday! Untreated primary tooth decay can lead to infections, loss of function, delayed development of the permanent teeth and dental mal occlusions, which can lead to increased health care costs and lifelong health consequences if they are left untreated.


In the interest of safety for everyone, the office will be closed today; Wednesday March 6, 2013.  Enjoy the snow!

Winter Weather for Wednesday March 6

As of the current weather forecast, the office plans on being open for business tomorrow Wednesday March 6, 2013. We will continue to update on the blog as things may change. 

Tip for the Day

Parents - it is important to recognize your children's potential "bad bites, crooked teeth, and tongue and breathing habits" even as early as age 4. By addressing the causes of these dysfunctions at a preventative stage we can often avoid a corrective stage later on and promote proper cranio-facial development so that your children develop healthy and happy.

Tip of the Day

Remember, brush TWICE a day and floss in between the teeth once a day. Doing this daily will minimize your risk for cavities. Another important factor in reducing your risk for cavities is proper nutrition and a healthy diet! 

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Children's Sleep Apnea and Myofunctional Therapy
April and May Specials!


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